Standard & High Definition Video Streaming

If travel is a problem, budgets are tight or your stakeholders are spread in multiple locations, Baltimore Research has a number of solutions to bring the qualitative research to you live.  With video streaming, your team may watch from the comfort of your own offices or homes and it allows viewers in different locations to communicate with one another privately in a virtual backroom. These services greatly speed up project turnover, as well as save precious costs and time spent on travel.

Baltimore Research proudly offers SurgeStream™ for your video streaming needs.  With SurgeStream™ you receive live streaming of qualitative research at a rate of 1,000 kbps, which allows for a very sharp, smooth image and high quality sound.  The service includes an on-site technician, a backroom chat function, 30-day archiving and a free copy of DVD recording of the sessions.  The service is compatible with mobile phones and tablets at no additional fee and comes with no limits on the number of viewers.  HD video streaming is available through FocusVision, which is also available in our research suites.