Market Research Services

As a leader in qualitative and quantitative market research services, Baltimore Research engages in a variety of conventional as well as cutting edge methodologies. Our team has the experience to maneuver effortlessly across healthcare, business to business and consumer research projects.  We specialize in the design, fielding, moderation, and hosting of  focus groups, depth interviews and other qualitative research formats while providing insightful analysis. Additionally, we are skilled in quantitative methodologies and analysis, including online, telephone, and direct mail data collection.  We also offer hybrid methodologies that offer the statistical integrity of quantitative research while capturing the rich insights of qualitative research.

Further, Baltimore Research is experienced in fielding and executing ethnographies. Ethnography is a progressive marketing research methodology that emulates an anthropological method of study in which naturalistic observation and semi-structured interviewing are combined to see how consumers behave in their natural setting. Also known as consumer in context research, ethnography provides rich insight by examining consumers in their natural habitat.

As technology is changing the world around us at breakneck speed, so is the way we in which we research it.  Baltimore Research offers the latest methodologies in social networking and mobile technology data collection to help deliver insight in new and unique ways.


  • Qualitative: focus groups, depth interviews, teledepths, online bulletin board focus groups, live online focus groups, usability testing, social networking research
  • Quantitative: internet surveys, telephone surveys, direct mail surveys, central location sensory/taste testing
  • Ethnographic: In home, shop-a-longs
  • Hybrid: Qual & Quant blend using audience response keypad technology, mobile research, mock juries


  • Ad/Message Testing
  • Attitudinal Research
  • Brand & Category Analysis
  • Consumer Behavior Testing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Feasibility Research
  • Ideation
  • Mock Juries
  • Motivational Research
  • New Product Development
  • Political Research
  • Package Design Testing
  • Product Positioning
  • Public Opinion Polls
  • Segmentation Research
  • Usability Studies